Monday - Friday
8:00 - 4:30
379 South Branch Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Leaf Pick Up Program

Hillsborough Township 2020 Leaf Pick Up Program

Tentative Schedule for the Week of November 30 - December 5, 2020

Leaf vacuuming crews are working in the following locations:
Dickerson area Steinmetz Scott area Pembrook area Longhill rd
Green hills area Piney Woods Beverly area Vliet area Wertsville rd
Brooks Blvd area Meadowbrook dr area Ardsley area Powelson area Montgomery rd
Warner dr area S. Triangle area Camden area Horseshoe dr area Hockenbury
Banor dr area Kailer area south woods area Layton area Three bridges
Stockton area Wesley area Woodmere area Collins to Holecomb area Woodfern
Crestmont area Snowbourn area Stagecoach area Burniston Area Blackpoint
Perrine Pike area Rivendell area Riverview terr area Woods rd poplar/pioneer areas
Yates area Van zandt area steeple area White meadow area Starview/Daval areas
Independence area   Hillsborough rd Winding way area Atkinson area
    Twp Line rd Willows edge area Ernest area

Schedule is dependent on weather, manpower and any unforeseen equipment issues.

Hillsborough Township Department of Public Works will begin its leaf collection program on November 1st to assist residents with the removal of fallen leaves. The program continues through mid-December or until there has been a minimum of two passes through the entire town. To participate in the leaf collection program, residents must rake leaves to the curb or street right-of-way by the beginning of their scheduled weeks for collection. Hillsborough Township asks that residents keep leaves away from gutters, drainpipes and drop inlets so as not to block the free flow of water. Rocks, sticks, brush and other objects must be kept out of leaf piles as they can cause damage to city machinery and delay the program. Therefore, no attempt will be made to collect leaf piles containing damaging items. All other streets are asked to rake leaves to the curb line, taking care not to block storm drainage structures/ catch basins. Leaf operations typically have one crew in each area of town beginning on the edges of town and moving toward the center. It takes about 3-4 weeks to make one pass through the entire town.


  • Leaf piles must be clear of sticks, branches, logs & other debris;
  • Grass clippings, Ornamental grasses, flower potting material, branches, pumpkins & gourds cannot be picked up. Residents are encouraged to bring those items to the Auten Road Dump Site;
  • Leaves should not block traffic;
  • Leaves should not be piled near intersection corners; this causes sight issues for motorists/ bicyclists/ pedestrians;
  • Keep leaf piles clear of drainage ways & catch basins; blocked drainage leads to localized flooding;
  • Leaves should not be piled around mailboxes, power poles, fences, fire hydrants, basketball hoops or other obstacles;
  • Do not park on leaf piles; the heat from a vehicle exhaust system could start a fire.


  • Do rake leaves to the edge of the roadway or curb line.
  • Do place leaves in a homemade bin with stakes and wire fence to contain in one area (no higher than 36 inches at the curb).
  • Do Not bag leaves to be picked up. The vacuum truck will not pick up bagged leaves.
  • Do Not place branches or any other debris, such as grass clippings, in the leaves. Sticks and debris clog and damage the equipment.
  • Do Not park vehicles in front of leaves or near leaves.
  • Do Not place leaves in the roadway or ditches.