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Become a Hillsborough Business Association (HBA) Member for free by creating a business profile for the HBA Business Finder Directory, a searchable public directory created to promote Hillsborough businesses.
The Hillsborough Business Association (HBA) is a Hillsborough Township initiative to support local businesses with promotion and development programs. The HBA is administered by the Office of the Business Advocate.

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Hillsborough Township is centrally located in Somerset County, New Jersey, between Philadelphia, New York City and the Jersey Shore. The Township has been recognized numerous times by Money Magazine as one of the 100 Best Places to Live in America. New Jersey Monthly Magazine selected Hillsborough as one of the hottest towns for 2017; where they featured the top 16 most desirable markets in New Jersey. Hillsborough Township is committed to helping existing business, new business, or a business looking to expand or relocate and thrive in Hillsborough.