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379 South Branch Road
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379 South Branch Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

A Guide to Public Participation at Township Committee Meetings

The Mayor is the presiding officer for all Township Committee meetings. In the Mayor's absence, the Deputy Mayor assumes that role. A quorum of the full authorized membership of a Governing Body must be present in order for the Governing Body to meet and conduct business; for the Hillsborough Township Committee, a quorum is three (3) members of the Committee. The Committee follows parliamentary procedure (Robert's Rules of Order) to conduct meetings in an efficient and orderly manner. All meetings are conducted in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act (Chapter 231, P.L. 1975), commonly referred to as the “Sunshine Law".

Township Committee Jurisdiction
The Township Committee has the legislative authority of the municipality. As such, the Township Committee passes ordinances (laws), sets policies that impact the township, and approves budgets.   

Township Committee Professionals
Township professional staff present at Township Committee Meetings include the Township Administrator, Township Clerk or Deputy Clerk, and Township Attorney.

All Township Committee meetings are recorded by more than one means.  In addition to an audio recording, meetings are recorded by the Township Committee Videographer, streamed and posted to Facebook and YouTube.  The meetings are also available for subsequent viewing on the Township’s website via the Township’s YouTube channel.   

The Agenda
The order of events is guided by a printed agenda, set by the Mayor and Township Clerk, and is subject to change at the time of the meeting at the discretion of the Mayor.  The presiding time for meetings is 7:30 pm. Agendas are posted on the Township website. They are also on display on the electronic message board outside of the Administration Office. Meeting Documents  Printed copies are available for pickup at the time of the meeting.  Attendees may also scan a code to view documents on their mobile devices while at the meeting.  

Public Participation
All Township Committee meetings are open to the public.  Any person wishing to be heard can do so in person, on the record, or during the public comment portion of the meeting.  Persons not wishing to attend in person may have their comments read into the record by submitting via the email link on the agenda.  
The public will be given the opportunity to speak about any issue not on the agenda when the Mayor calls for any business from the floor. 
The Township Committee welcomes input from the public.  Speakers will be asked to come up to the microphone, identify themselves, spell their names, and provide their addresses.  Speakers will be given one three-minute allotment for their comments.  This public forum is not structured as a question and answer session.  Comments are to be addressed to the Mayor and kept within the three-minute timeframe.  

Order of The Agenda
The Order of Business shall be:

Call of the Roll – Salute to the Flag – Announcement of Notice of Meetings
Approval of Minutes
Reports from Committee Liaisons, Receipt of Reports, Petitions or Communications
New Business
Public Comment on New Business and Matters Not on the Agenda
Public Hearings
Introduction of New Ordinances
Resolutions / Consent Agenda
Approval of Claims List
Executive Session (if applicable)
Comments on Agenda Items
The public is welcome to comment on items on the agenda when the Mayor opens the discussion to the floor. Those wishing to comment will provide their name and address for the record and state their comment.  However, there is no public comment on the introduction of an ordinance.

For information about a specific meeting please feel free to contact the Administration Office at 908-369-3535.