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379 South Branch Road
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379 South Branch Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Hillsborough Township Adopts 2024 Budget

Focus on Infrastructure, Recreation, and Safety Improvements

The 2024 budget prioritizes investments that will keep Hillsborough financially sustainable. The Township Committee prioritized critical areas to provide residents with a path to a great life in Hillsborough. The budget intentionally invests in resident public safety while funding its best-in-class police department.

The Township Committee is deeply engaged in bettering roads/infrastructure, enhancing public works resources, and upgrading the park system, which capitalizes on the promise to protect and bring value to our township's ‘open space’ areas. By actively listening to resident issues, the Township Committee focused on ensuring tax dollars are spent efficiently with long-term and sustainable thinking in mind.

"We have listened, and we have responded. While maintaining fiscal responsibility, the 2024 budget reflects the priorities you have voiced, focusing on $4.5 million in road improvements to ensure safer, smoother travel and upgrading our parks and facilities so that everyone in our community can enjoy them," stated Mayor Robert Britting, Jr. “Public safety is a top priority, as we proudly, funded our police department to ensure our families live in a safe environment. Your feedback has been invaluable. I can guarantee that we are committed to making Hillsborough an even better place to live. Thank you for your continued participation and support in this process in helping us shape the future of our town."

Under the new budget, residents can look forward to various enhancements that benefit the community. Key projects include:

Public Safety Prioritized: The 2024 budget prioritizes public safety by focusing allocated funds on repairing and upgrading roads to reduce accidents and ensure safer travel for motorists and pedestrians alike. The budget also allows for preserving the law enforcement presence in the community, deterring crime, and ensuring quicker response times to emergencies by replacing older vehicles. Supporting the police department is reflected and well-defined in the 2024 budget.

Road and Infrastructure Improvements: In 2024, Hillsborough is instituting a $4.5 million comprehensive road paving program, ensuring smoother and safer travel throughout town. This first step in a multi-year, $9 million rehabilitation and long-term capital planning effort for the Township’s road system addresses long-standing issues with road conditions, reducing vehicle wear and tear and improving overall traffic flow. The Township’s AA+ credit rating allows them to invest wisely and efficiently to repair areas in need. To note: Falcon Road will be completed by the end of the summer at no cost to taxpayers, while Amsterdam and Auten Road repairs will also be completed with grant funding. Mayor Britting promises to continue to update residents regarding all road work progress.

Public Works Upgrades: The Department of Public Works will continue ‘resident favorite’ cost savings programs such as the fall leaf pickup program, debris clean up/drop off days, and the senior curbside pickup program. Road and sidewalk maintenance and snow removal operations enhance the safety, accessibility, and convenience of all residents. Maintaining machinery and public safety vehicles ensures smooth transitions from season to season.

Parks and Recreation/Open Space Improvements: The Township is improving several parks, providing additional features for residents of all ages to enjoy. These enhancements include upgrades at Ann Van Middlesworth Park, removing and replacing invasive trees and plants, and replanting native trees at Otto’s Farm Park and the Municipal Complex. The Parks Department is also installing pickleball/tennis courts at Dougherty Park, utilizing State grant funding, and renovating the basketball court at Village Green. Hillsborough aims to be the ‘best place to play’ in New Jersey.

Continuing to Build a Fully Supported and Included Community: Outside of the multitude of cultural and public support events throughout the year, the adoption of the municipal budget provides substantial benefits for the entire community. With increased investments in public safety, infrastructure, public works, public buildings, and park facilities, all citizens will enjoy a safer and more vibrant community. This forward-thinking budget reflects a commitment to the community's well-being, fully supporting local schools and ensuring all residents have access to essential services and high-quality educational resources.

The Township Committee worked diligently to minimize the impact on residents. Based on an average home value of $547,000, the average household's 2024 budget investments equate to $6.83 more per month per household. The result of these investments in 2024 ensures that Hillsborough delivers on these essential and critical upgrades while maintaining affordability for all residents.

Committeeman Shawn Lipani, Liaison to the Finance Committee, stated, "This budget represents a significant investment in our community's future. By focusing on infrastructure and public services, we are not only improving the daily lives of our residents but also laying the groundwork for a thriving and sustainable Hillsborough."

Mayor Britting is firmly committed to ensuring State Road 206 gets back on track, as the state government has full control of this project. Hillsborough is taking an enormous step forward in multiple areas this year with minimal impact on residents. 2024 has been incredibly efficient and filled with immense progress. The Mayor and Township Committee are committed to the long-term success of Hillsborough Township.

Please visit the Hillsborough Township website for more information about the new budget and upcoming projects. ###