Update on Building Department Protocol

With the recent public health emergency and closure of our Municipal Complex to the public, the Building Department protocol, for the time being, is as follows:

Application Submission – with the exception of applications for new structures, applications will be accepted by MAIL ONLY and should include a blank check payable to, “Hillsborough Township,” as applicable. This includes any new permits, permit updates, or re-submittals. We ask that you thoroughly look over and make sure the application is complete in order to avoid any delays. Keep in mind, all Technical Sections and Permit Jackets are state forms that can either be found on the Hillsborough Township website or through the NJDCA website. If you have any further questions, or to find out how you may submit an application for a new structure or large construction project, please contact our office at 908-369-5882.

Payments – if you have a permit ready to be paid for, you must mail a blank check payable to, “Hillsborough Township,” Once the payment is processed we will mail the permit paperwork.

Inspections – There will be no Saturday inspections until further notice.  We will only be inspecting unoccupied new construction until further notice. 

Building Department Hours – until further notice, the Building Department will not have extended hours on Tuesday evening. The hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm ONLY.