Township Departments


The Administration/Clerk’s Office is the front office of the Township Government. In addition to assisting the elected Hillsborough Township Committee, the Administration/Clerk’s Office helps provide a myriad of services to the residents of Hillsborough Township. The Administration/Clerk’s Office is in charge of the day to day operations of the township, as well as overseeing the needs of the other departments. The Administration/Clerk’s Office provides the town with numerous services including organizing and running the Township Committee meetings, as well as providing essential township information to enquiring residents. The Administration/Clerk’s Office is also responsible for licensing in the town, including alcohol, peddlers, raffles, and other licenses.


The Building Department is in charge of administration of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code. The Building Department accepts applications and grants permits for construction projects around the township.

Business Advocate

The mission of the Office of the Business Advocate is to encourage development by attracting, retaining, and assisting businesses to expand and grow in the Township. The Business Advocate is responsible for commercial industry relations, centralized gathering and dissemination of information and regulatory guidelines. This office acts as the catalyst for the Economic and Business Development Commission’s mission. The Business Advocate brings programs to our community to benefit both the business community and residents alike.

Shop Hillsborough Reward Program promotes local shopping while allowing card holders the opportunity to reduce their property tax bill.  Anyone who lives or works in Hillsborough can get a “Shop Hillsborough” card.  If you don’t already have a card,  stop by the Administration Office in the Municipal Building and pick one up. Shoppers will earn property tax credits every time they show the Shop Hillsborough Property Tax Reward Card at the time of purchase at a participating merchant.  The tax credits will be applied to the property tax bill or in the case of a renter, a rebate check will be issued.  Individuals who work in Hillsborough, but are not property owners within the Township, can also secure a card to earn the rebate as well. 


The Engineering Department provides professional review, permitting, and inspection of public and private civil engineering projects ensuring consistency with the township codes, ordinances, and all applicable regulations and policies. 


The Finance Department is responsible for collecting real estate property taxes, as well as helping to create the township’s yearly budget, and assisting in the yearly township audit. Finance is also responsible for collecting payments for dog licensing. 


The Health Department is in charge of efficiently managing the health of the township’s residents and environment. The Health Department manages numerous programs that promote different health and environmental initiatives. 

The Hillsborough Township Health Department’s mission is to provide professional, competent, and financially efficient public health and environmental services to the residents of Hillsborough and Millstone. 

To achieve this, the Hillsborough Township Health Department will promote healthy behaviors, prevent disease and injury, and protect the health of our residents as per the mandates of the “Public Health Practice Standards of Performance for Local Boards of Health in New Jersey”. They will use disease control and prevention, health promotion and education, inspections and enforcement of health and environmental regulations, and interacting and planning with local partners in order to provide for the public health needs of the Hillsborough community.

The Hillsborough Health Department provides a number of important services to the residents of Hillsborough and Millstone. These include, but are not limited to, marriage licenses and animal related issues. Visit the Health Department’s web page for a full list of the Health Department’s services.

Pets and Wildlife

In Hillsborough Township and Millstone Borough all dogs must be licensed annually once they reach 7 months of age.  All payments for dog licensing are handled by the Township Finance Department. For more information regarding why dogs must be licensed and how to do so, visit the Health Department’s Dog Licensing Page

Hillsborough is a largely undeveloped town with large expanses of fields and woods. This environment makes our town rich with wildlife and, as a result, interactions between wild animals and humans happen. If you see wildlife behaving unusually, contact the Hillsborough Police at (908) 369-4323 and St. Hubert’s (animal control) at (908) 526-3330. 

Office of Emergency Management

The Hillsborough Township Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is a unit of local government that is responsible for providing for the health, safety, and welfare of the township citizens during times of emergencies and natural disasters. The OEM is also responsible for updating the current alerts and emergency road closure pages on the township website. 


The Hillsborough Police are dedicated to keeping the town safe and free of crime. The department patrols the town, guides traffic around road work, and works to further benefit the community through various programs, including Project Medicine Drop and the Hillsborough/Millstone Municipal Alliance. To contact the Hillsborough Police Department in a NON-EMERGENCY MATTER, call (908) 369-4323.

Fire Safety

The mission of the Hillsborough Bureau of Fire Safety is to prevent and minimize the loss of life and property to the residents of Hillsborough through the delivery of the highest quality, effective and efficient code enforcement, public education and emergency fire response.

The Hillsborough Bureau of Fire Safety operates under and is funded through the Hillsborough Fire District. The Bureau of Fire Safety's employees are dedicated to providing the highest level of public service to the citizens and volunteer firefighters of Hillsborough Township.

Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for most of the township’s outdoor activities. This department manages the township’s many parks as well as creates and runs various youth sport programs, summer camps, and outdoor events, such as the Memorial Day Parade. 


Hillsborough Township prides itself on its large expanses of open space, both parks and protected land. The township’s commitment to preserving land is one of the many factors behind it being named one of Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live in America. In addition to the world famous 343 acre Duke’s Estate, Hillsborough has 16 additional parks to visit and explore.

  • Ann Van Middlesworth Park
  • Country Classics Park
  • Docherty Memorial Park
  • Flagg Way Park
  • Flagtown Annex
  • Flagtown Park
  • Mountain View Baseball Complex - newly constructed for Summer 2017
  • Municipal Playground
  • Municipal Soccer Complex
  • Otto’s Farm Trails
  • Singley Park
  • Triangle Sports Complex
  • Valley Road Baseball Field
  • Village Green Park
  • Willow Road Baseball Complex
  • Woodfield Park

In addition to the township’s beautiful parks, each of the township’s schools have parks and playing fields on their property. To see pictures of the parks and get their addresses, visit the Parks Directory website.


The Hillsborough Recreation Department runs leagues for kids in many different sports, including Basketball, Soccer, and Softball. The Recreation Department also runs different summer camps for children of all ages. 

In Hillsborough, some of the sports are run through leagues separate from the Parks and Recreation Department. Baseball is run through the Hillsborough Little League. Football, Cheerleading, Track, Girl’s Lacrosse, and Field Hockey are all run through the Hillsborough Jr. Raiders. The Hillsborough Dukes Pop Warner Program also runs a Football and Cheerleading League. 

Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for administering the Hillsborough Development Regulations Ordinance, Chapter 188 of the Township Code. This includes processing zoning permits, reviewing applications for development, and enforcing zoning decisions. The Planning and Zoning Department also oversees numerous different boards, commissions, and committees. 

Public Works

The Department of Public Works is in charge of operating and maintaining the infrastructure of the township’s more than 250 miles of roadway, as well as maintaining all township buildings, municipal grounds, and open space. Public Works also oversees the Annual Spring Clean Up and operates the township’s reclamation/disposal center. 

Social Services

The Social Services Department provides for a multitude of different programs within the township. These programs include, but are not limited to the Food Pantry, Senior Citizens Wellness Program, Mr. Fix-It Program, and others. 

Tax Assessor

The Tax Assessor Department is in charge of fairly distributing the tax burden and equitably for the property owners of Hillsborough Township. This department is also in charge of the Annual Reassessment Program.