Sidewalk Repair Updates

The Engineering Department would like to inform the residents that the Township Committee’s approved 2021 Capital Budget included a $75,000 sidewalk repair item. This exceeds some townships that put all sidewalks to the responsibility of the property owner. The Engineering Department bid the project recently and awarded it to FDM Construction Co. 

The Engineering Department, along with the Department of Public Works, reviews sidewalk areas of the Township and replaces sections of sidewalks that are considered pedestrian trip hazards. The departments concentrate on high walk areas first and try to do complete developments and/or street areas if funds allow.

If there is an uneven sidewalk in your development, you can call the Department of Public Works and they will install a temporary asphalt patch material to help eliminate the trip hazard. Your area will then go on a list and the sidewalk will be replaced when funding is approved in future years. High walk areas are always top priority. This does not include driveway aprons and the sidewalk that crosses your driveway. Per Township Code, driveway areas are the responsibility of the property owner.