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PSE&G Project Update

PSE&G is installing new gas lines on portions of Camplain Road, Triangle and South Triangle Roads, New Amwell Road, Meadowbrook Drive and adjoining roads, Lynn Court, and along Route 206. New gas lines along Route 206 will be larger in size, allowing higher pressures on side roads, so PSE&G was required to update the surrounding roads to meet the safety standards. This project also requires gas meters to now be installed on the exterior of structures instead of in basements. 

PSE&G did not determine these gas upgrades were necessary until early last year so some of our roadways were repaved under our 2019 & 2020 paving program. PSE&G will be responsible for repaving disturbed roads. Due to the winter months, the project is moving slowly. Some of the contractor crews have shut down for the winter. It is common to see some trench repairs settle so the Engineering Department is monitoring the trenches through the winter and requiring that PSE&G provide temporary patching. 

Most of the gas mains are completed to date and now the service lines and meter relocations are underway. PSE&G indicates this will not be fully completed until late spring.   

Again, all roadway areas disturbed will be fully repaved, curb to curb or lane to lane, by PSE&G at no cost to the Township.