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Recommendations for Students Coming Home From College for the Holidays 2020

Health experts recommend that college students should take the utmost precautions when coming home for Thanksgiving break and beyond. There should be a plan for college students coming home. Experts recommend that if the students are coming home for the holidays,
they should complete a two week quarantine either at home or in their dorm. 

  • If they quarantine in their dorm, the student should limit their contacts and only leave their room if it is absolutely necessary to complete essential errands such as getting food and attending class.
  • If the students are going to be coming home and quarantining, the governor and the CDC recommend for them to come home two weeks before or as soon as they can from college to begin their two week quarantine. If quarantining for two weeks is challenging due to college schedules, the student should quarantine for as long as they can once they come home. 
  • During the quarantine process, if the student is near family members or others they should wear a mask and ensure social distancing of six feet, until the quarantine is completed. 

All college students should get tested for COVID-19 once they come back from school. This is to confirm that the student does not have coronavirus. Experts recommend receiving two tests separated by 3 days (The Washington Post). Both of these tests should come back negative to confirm the individual does not have the virus. 

  • The reason for receiving two tests is that the first one will be used as a diagnostic and the second test is used to confirm the first one. A person can test negative one day, start developing symptoms the next and test positive three days later, so it is important for students to get tested.

As a personal choice parents and children should also set boundaries for each other when the students come back home. The parents should let their children know what are acceptable activities for their household when it comes to interactions and activities not with immediate family. This helps make everyone’s expectations clear and there is less confusion between both parties so it results in less conflict.

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