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Mayor Announces Opioid Team

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Phone:   908-369-3535 May 26, 2020

Mayor Announces Opioid Team

“During my opening remarks this year at the Reorganization Meeting, I announced that I would be working with national and local leaders to address the growing opioid epidemic.  As a result, I have assembled a team of individuals to take up that charge.  Although these individuals were contacted over two months ago and expressed their enthusiasm to be on the team, work was halted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” announced Mayor Doug Tomson.

Members of the Opioid Task Force include the following individuals:  Mayor Doug Tomson, Administrator Anthony Ferrera, Township Clerk and Public Information Officer Pamela Borek, Police Chief Mike McMahon, Pastor Tim Wolf, Resident Janine Erickson, Father John Rozembajgier, Father Hank Hilton, Resident Mike Reilly, Student Assistance Counselor Rebecca Balaguer, A REBEL student to be determined, and Board of Education Representative Jean Trujillio.  

“While we are very proud of the work that the Hillsborough / Millstone Municipal Alliance does, and some of the members of this task force are also on the Alliance, this group will be tasked specifically with issues surrounding Opioids,” added Mayor Tomson.

“As of March 1, 2020, we have lost 2 residents to Opioids, which is higher than the normal rate, however, I believe that one death is one too many,” concluded Mayor Tomson.

The task force is set to have their first virtual meeting in early June and will look to join forces with the Alliance and other community organizations to combat this crisis.