March 12, 2019 Board of Education Referendum Information

Investing in Our Future

March 12th Referendum – FAQs

Did you know that according to historic maps, a schoolhouse in Hillsborough can be found as far back as 1850? A few residents may even be able to remember back to the construction of the two room Liberty School in 1913. The Hillsborough community has spent nearly 170 years making sure that the children in our community receive a strong educational foundation.

Educating the nearly 7,200 students of Hillsborough is no small task, and it is thanks to the dedication and support of teachers, staff members, administrators, and other professionals that report to our buildings every morning. We also rely on the support that we receive from our community members who want to ensure that the children of Hillsborough receive the best education possible.

Hillsborough Township Public Schools will hold a referendum on March 12, 2019, to implement a full-day kindergarten program as well as ensuring a long-term plan for financial stability.

For more information on the referendum, please click here to view a short FAQ flyer or visit the district website for more information.

Please vote on March 12, 2019. Polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Please click here or check your sample ballot as your polling location may have changed.  

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