Introducing Hillsborough Harvest: New Hillsborough Farm Promotion Program Featured on HBA Website

Hillsborough Township is the premier agricultural community in Somerset County. Agriculture continues to be a vital, active, and viable industry in the Township. Farmland defines the rural history and character of the community. Farming is deeply integrated into the rural history and scenic landscape of Hillsborough Township and greatly valued by its residents. Hillsborough Township has created Hillsborough Harvest, a campaign promoting the value of Hillsborough farms and local products. Participating farms are featured on the Hillsborough Harvest page on where they can advertise their local products and events for free.

Last October the HBA website was relaunched featuring Experience Hillsborough as a showcase for Hillsborough and its business community to attract visitors and new customers to experience Hillsborough, the Good Life.

“Hillsborough Harvest is the latest effort in promoting our business community with a focus on our agricultural richness of our Township. Supporting local farms strengthens the local economy, protects the environment and encourages healthy living,” said Mayor Frank DelCore.

“Be sure to visit the Township website at and click on the Hillsborough Harvest icon to preview the participating farms, available farmers markets and stand and any upcoming events,” concluded Mayor DelCore.

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