If I already have my permit, what is the procedure when if I update or revise my permit?


  • Complete the appropriate Technical Section with all the required information. If you are submitting a new Technical Section for Electric or Plumbing, it has to have your contractor’s raised seal.
  • Be sure to Include the Permit Number in the upper right-hand corner of the Tech Card.
  • Submit 2 (Two) sets of  paperwork.–All Architectural or Engineered plans need to be signed and sealed.



The permit is the property of the Owner and should be onsite at all times.

Any paperwork submitted for a permit, revision or update needs to be in Duplicate.   The reason for 2 (TWO) is that when the paperwork is submitted– one set will be stamped Township Copy and the other set Builder’s Copy.  You will receive the Builder’s Copy when the permit is picked up and paid for.

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