Hillsborough Township Placed #1 in New Jersey in 30,000 to 99,999 population category and 31st in Nationwide Challenge

The results are in for the Wyland 8th annual National Mayor’s Campaign for Water Conservation. Hillsborough Township entered the competition for the first time and finished 31st out of 550+ towns and cities across the U.S. and 1st in New Jersey in the 30,000 to 99,999 population category. The campaign encouraged residents to make a series of pledges to use water more efficiently, reduce pollution, and save energy. Over 2000 residents pledged to save over 8.5 million gallons of water.

“Water Conservation is critical for a sustainable future and Hillsborough remains dedicated to supportive efforts for further education and awareness to initiatives such as this,” stated Mayor Frank DelCore.

The Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation had its biggest participation to date, with U.S. residents making over 740,000 pledges to cut water use by 3 billion gallons. In addition to reducing overall water waste, challenge participants in 50 states pledge to reduce their use of single use plastic water bottles by 8.6 million, eliminate 179,000 pounds of hazardous waste from entering local watersheds, and cut greenhouse
gas emissions by 12.9 billion pounds.

“Thank you to every resident who took the pledge and once again proved that it is the great people of Hillsborough that continue to make Hillsborough one of the best places to live in America. A special thank you to Smay Shah & Rajas Chordiya who assisted David Kois, Business Advocate & Sustainability Director as Hillsborough High School REACH interns,” concluded Mayor Frank DelCore.

Hillsborough is Sustainable Jersey certified at the silver-level and the Township’s participation in this national challenge is the latest step in Hillsborough’s on-going commitment to Sustainable practices. For more information on how you can conserve water, go to the Hillsborough Water Conservation Guide at www.sustainablehillsborough.com.

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