Hillsborough Township Committee Supports BoroSafe By Declaring September 2019 as National Suicide Awareness Month

Pictured: Mayor Frank DelCore and Minda Maggio & Pastor Tim Wolff on behalf of BoroSafe

September is known throughout the United States as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, an initiative intended to help promote awareness surrounding each of the Suicide Prevention resources available to us and our community.

The Hillsborough Township Committee declares September 2019 as National Suicide Awareness Month and vows to continue to support suicide awareness programs dedicated to helping our community.

The goal of Hillsborough Township Public Schools BORO SAFE program is to raise community awareness that suicide is preventable. The Township lends its full support behind local educators, mental health professionals, athletic coaches, scout leaders, police officers, and parents as community partners in being available to one another. Residents are encouraged to educate themselves about the warning signs of suicide, understand suicide is preventable, and that there are resources available.

Suicidal thoughts can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, race, orientation, income level, religion, or background. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control, each year more than 41,000 people die by suicide. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death of among adults in the US, the 2nd leading cause of death among people aged 10-24, and is one of the most tragic events a family and community can experience.

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