Hepatitis A Update

Hepatitis A is a liver disease that can be passed from person to person. It spreads through ingesting the virus from contaminated food, objects, or water. It can be contagious before symptoms begin, and symptoms may not appear for 15 to 50 days after being infected.

The Hepatitis A vaccination clinics that were opened in response to a food handler with Hepatitis A at the Somerville ShopRite have closed. It was reported that over 2000 vaccines were given in 3 days. This vaccine, along with other vaccines are recommended for adults. Please see the Hillsborough Township website under the Health Department for recommended adult vaccinations under “disease prevention”. Although Hepatitis A vaccinations are not required for attending school, it is recommended that children receive this vaccination as well. Also, please see the CDC information on the Hepatitis A vaccine at www.cdc.gov, “diseases and conditions”, and “Hepatitis A”.

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