Medical Waste Handling

Safe Disposal of Used Sharps:
Used hypodermic needles generated in the home by the patient or family (not medical professional who should remove sharps from your residence), you may do the following; Please see
  1. Drop off  container (Either a specially made red sharps container or thick heavy bottle such as a laundry detergent bottle, with screw on top) at the RWJ Somerset Medical Center on Rehill Ave., Somerville.  Enter and go to the front information desk and tell them that you have sharps to dispose of. They are open M through Friday 9AM to 5PM. For questions call 908-685-2200 and tell the operator what you are looking for. Presently, this is handled by the Housekeeping Department.
  2. Put your sharps into a thick plastic bottle as mentioned above with a screw on cap. Wrap duct tape around the cap to keep it on in case it loosens. Write “Do Not Recycle” on the bottle in waterproof marker on both sides. Dispose in trash.

Safe Disposal of Household Medication