Hillsborough/Millstone Municipal Alliance

Meeting Dates

Meetings are always open to the public.

Please join us at an upcoming meeting!

TimeDateMeeting TypeException
9:00 AM3/13/2020Regular MeetingCanceled
9:00 AM4/17/2020Regular Meeting
9:00 AM5/8/2020Regular Meeting
9:00 AM6/12/2020Regular Meeting
9:00 AM7/10/2020Regular Meeting
9:00 AM8/14/2020Regular Meeting
9:00 AM9/11/2020Regular Meeting
9:00 AM10/9/2020Regular Meeting
9:00 AM11/13/2020Regular Meeting
9:00 AM12/11/2020Regular Meeting

Municipal Alliance meetings are held at 9:00 AM  in Conference Room A in the Municipal Building.