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Proper Sump Pump Discharge

Sump pump discharges must be maintained on your own property. Residents should not install extension pipes and discharge to a neighbor’s property or the street. Discharges to a neighbor’s property will cause a water impact to the neighbor’s property and the neighbor could file a civil impact case against you. The Engineering Department recommends if you do install extension pipes on your sump pump discharge line, you should end it in the middle of your back or front yard so water can percolate into the ground before reaching your neighbor’s property.


Please be aware that, in cold weather, sump pumps discharging into roadways can cause dangerous icy conditions. The Township asks that your sump pump discharge be relocated from the roadway to avoid causing safety issues to motorists.  

If the discharge ices just the shoulder of the roadway, which is considered the gutter, (the first 3-4 feet), that is acceptable.  Unfortunately, homeowners who live downhill may have ice in front of the shoulder/gutter of their home but again, that is considered acceptable. Shoulders/Gutters are meant to convey water runoff and can freeze during cold weather events. 

Provided the icing does not extend into the traveled way creating safety concerns to the traveling public, adjoining residents must understand sump pump discharge to the roadway in some cases may be better than to pump on the lawn which due to frozen ground conditions may flow toward the adjoining downhill homeowner’s home, creating a greater concern.  Neighbors should look to work together to minimize impacts during extreme weather conditions. 

A recently created township ordinance does not allow discharge to the street of any new construction; however, any previous discharges have been “grandfathered” and are permitted.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Engineering Department.