Hillsborough Township 2019 Leaf Pick Up Program

Our Leaf Pick Up Program concluded in December and will resume again in November, 2020.

Grass and Leaf drop off is the 3rd Friday of every month January through December.

Crews could be in your area earlier than the anticipated schedule above. If you wish to participate in the pickup program your leaves should be out now. Our Leaf Pickup Program will finish after the last pass has been completed.

If you miss putting out your pile you may take your leaves to our Auten Road facility on Saturdays until December 21st from 7am – 3pm.

The Hillsborough Township Public Work Department would like to thank residents for their support and cooperation in making our leaf pickup program run smoothly. Thank you.

Schedule is dependent on weather, manpower, equipment breakage and any other unforeseen issues. Please be patient a crew will be in your area as soon as possible.

You are able to take leaves to the Auten Road Site every Saturday from the first Saturday in November to the third Saturday in December, between 7am – 3pm. Grass and leaves ONLY. The Auten Road Site does not accept brush or bulk items at these events. The Auten Road Site is also open the 3rd Friday of each month between 11am – 3pm for Grass and Leaf Drop off ONLY.



Hillsborough Township provides both a Leaf Pick Up and a Drop Off Program.  The Department of Public Works will begin it’s leaf collection program in November to assist residents with the removal of fallen leaves. The program continues through the end of December or until there has been a minimum of two passes through the entire town.

Leaves are collected using a vacuum truck. In order for the vacuum hose to reach the leaves, they must be placed within 4 feet of the roadway.  It is helpful to know the equipment has it’s limitations and by following the guidelines listed below, crews will be able to provide a great service in an efficient and economical way.

To participate in the leaf collection program, residents must rake leaves to the curb or the street right-of-way before the crews arrive in their area.  Leaves may also be placed in homemade bins with stakes and wire fence to contain the area (no higher than 36 inches at the curb).  You may also place a tarp over your leaves to keep them from blowing around.  Please remove the tarps when you see we will be in your area.

Hillsborough Township asks that residents keep leaves away from gutters, drain pipes and drop inlets so as not to block the free flow of water.

Rocks, sticks, brush and other objects must be kept out of leaf piles as they can cause damage to city machinery and delay the program.  Therefore, no attempt will be made to collect leaf piles containing damaging items.

Crews will not be able to come back to a house that has put their leaves out after the crew has serviced the street they are on.  Residents who put their leaves out after the crew has serviced that street will have to wait until the next round of leaf pick up, or they may wish to participate in our drop off program.

Four leaf pick up quadrants have been outlined on the map below. Each quadrant will receive pick up service twice during the program (weather permitting).  Due to the unpredictability of weather, when the leaves will fall and equipment breakdown, individual street schedules will not be provided, however, a weekly update will be published on the Hillsborough Township website at https://www.hillsborough-nj.org (above) providing residents with a more specific area we are working in.


  • Leaf piles must be clear of sticks, branches, logs and other debris.
  • Leaves should not block traffic.
  • Leaves should not be piled near intersection corners. This causes sight issues for motorists/ bicyclists/ pedestrians.
  • Keep leaf piles clear of drainage ways and catch basins; blocked drainage leads to localized flooding.
  • Leaves should not be piled around mailboxes, power poles, fences, fire hydrants, basketball hoops or other obstacles.
  • Do Not park on, in front of or near leaf piles; the heat from a vehicle exhaust system could start a fire.
  • Do Not bag leaves to be picked up. The vacuum truck will not pick up bagged leaves.
  • Grass clippings, Ornamental grasses, flower potting material, branches, pumpkins and gourds cannot be picked up and residents are encouraged to bring those items to the Auten Road Dump Site.

Leaf operations typically have one crew in each quadrant of town beginning on the edges of town and moving toward the center.  It takes about 3-4 weeks to make one pass through the entire town.  


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