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What is the New Jersey Clean Communities Program?

New Jersey Clean Communities is a statewide litter abatement program created by the passage of the Clean Communities Act. The program is managed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Treasury, and Clean Communities Council. It’s supported by local governments, businesses, community organizations, schools and individuals who work together to keep New Jersey clean.

New Jersey Clean Communities at the local level involves a three-fold attack on litter: cleanup, enforcement and education. The first step in fighting litter is identifying it. Litter is solid waste that’s out of place. It’s the kind of trash found on highways, lakefronts, parks and school grounds. Litter takes many forms: paper, plastics, metal cans, cigarette butts, glass, food packaging, tires and graffiti.

There are seven sources of litter: pedestrians, motorists, overflowing household garbage, construction sites and uncovered trucks. Litter is often blown by the wind until it is trapped somewhere, as along a fence. People tend to litter when they think someone else will clean up, when an area is already littered, and when they do not feel a sense of ownership or community pride.

Introducing Hillsborough Township’s Litter Crusader, Kaptain Cleanup, with a message for residents.

Litter is everyone’s responsibility. Please join me in combating unsightly litter by volunteering for cleanups and helping educate others on the importance of not littering!!

You too can be a #litterhero!!

Sign up for the March 21st Litter Awareness & Cleanup Day

Volunteers are now able to register for the March 21st Litter Awareness & Cleanup Day on Eventbrite and on Community Pass. You must download, sign and bring the waivers to the event. Thank you for being a #litterhero!!

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