Business Advocate

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Mission Statement
The mission of the Office of the Business Advocate is to encourage economic and business development by attracting, retaining, and assisting businesses to expand and grow in the Township. The office acts as the catalyst for the Hillsborough Economic and Business Development Commission’s mission to thoroughly analyze the economic conditions of the region; promote sound development; mobilize potential resources for efficient business, commercial and manufacturing uses, as well as maintain and improve the Township’s relationship with business and industry.


The Office of the Business Advocate is responsible for the day-to-day coordination between business development and each of the Township departments. The Office is responsible for encouraging potential new economic development, cultivating commercial and industrial relations, gathering and dissemination of information and regulatory guidelines. The Office of the Business Advocate administers the Hillsborough Business Association (HBA), a Hillsborough Township initiative to support local businesses with a variety of promotion and development programs. Hillsborough Township is committed to helping existing business, new business, or a business looking to expand or relocate and thrive in Hillsborough.



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DavidKoisBusiness Adv7106
Pattied'AnunciacaoOffice Assistant7114