Building Department

The Building Department is implementing an amended inspection schedule through April 3rd as follows:

  • Beginning Thursday, March 26th, Electrical, Fire and Plumbing/Mechanical will conduct inspections and plan review every other day.  All Inspectors and Subcode Officials will work their normally scheduled hours.
  • Beginning Friday, March 27th, Building will conduct inspections and plan review every other day.  All Inspectors and Subcode Officials will work their normally scheduled hours. 
  • This schedule may be extended through the week of April 6th depending on the status of the State of Emergency.
  • Unoccupied new construction projects will continue to be inspected.  However, all construction personnel must vacate the area to be inspected after leaving on-site, the released Permit documents and plans for the Inspectors’ use.  If the building is closed in, construction personnel are advised to open all windows and doors to air out the building prior to the inspection.
  • All required inspections of any work on the exterior or outside of any occupied building will be performed as usual.
  • Occupied buildings will not be inspected until further notice.  We are developing procedures to temporarily accept electronic submittal and verification of required interior rough inspections, in lieu of our Inspectors entering occupied buildings.

Department Updates

Mission Statement
To ensure the health, safety and welfare of the public, through proper administration of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code, conducted in a courteous and professional manner.


The Building Department is here to assist the public, contractors, and design professionals by providing quality service that is knowledgeable, efficient, comprehensive, and helpful. The department effectively promotes and provides professional plan review, permitting, and inspections of proposed or ongoing construction projects in the community. Navigating the code books and required construction documents may feel cumbersome but this office is here to help guide the community through the process. This department is entrusted with the responsibility to promote code awareness and expertise, assuring building safety and code compliance for the residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Directory of Building Department Staff
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Contact Us

Phone: 908-369-5882

 First Last Position EmailExtension
EdAllattFire Sub-Code Official7169
PaulBlackBuilding Inspector7191
LisaCassidyTech Assistant/Secy to CO7166
DonnaDaughertyTechnical Assistant7204
MikeDiminoPT Building Inspector7167
JohnFiedlerConstruction Official7211
KeithGrabowskiPart Time Electrical Inspector7175
ChrisHuddyBuilding Inspector7173
MarkJandoliBuilding Inspector7198
FrankLukacsPlumbing Sub-Code Official7176
JudyMatrosTechnical Assistant7165
SaraMcLarnonTechnical Assistant7164
PeterPalmeriElectrical Sub-Code Official7175
RichPerlmanBuilding Sub-Code Official7172
MatthewPresseyElectrical Inspector7161
BarryVan DorenPlumbing Inspector7196
ScottWilliamsonFire Inspector7168