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Land Preservation

The Hillsborough Township Committee meeting of Tuesday, October 11th was the backdrop of an impressive presentation by Committeeman Bob Wagner, as he outlined the areas of preserved land within the Township.

“There are currently 10,571 acres currently preserved in the Township of Hillsborough,” according to Committeeman Wagner.  This number includes open space, preserved farm land, conservation easements from private landowners as well as County and State properties.

The most recent County piece being the 355 acres added to the Sourland Mountain Preserve.  This addition to the preserve makes the Hillsborough portion of the Sourland Mountains a total of 4,216 acres.  The Sourland Mountain preserve is the largest park area in Somerset County’s 12,200-acre park system.  This unique addition includes the Roaring Rocks area, a natural phenomenon in Hillsborough.

The State has also preserved over 1,000 acres along major rivers and tributaries within the Township as well as a portion near the Route 206 by-pass.  “This area along the by-pass will remain undeveloped due to the road realignment,” stated Committeeman Wagner.

Nearly, 2,000 acres have been added to the preserved land coffers in the past three years.

“The sum of these parcels of land, represent over 30% of the total area of the 54 square mile Township of Hillsborough,” added Wagner.

In addition to the 10,571 acres there are another 2,223 acres of the Duke Farm Property, located in the northern section of the Township.  This property is being transformed into an environmental center and cultural facility focusing on land stewardship and sustainability.

“This Township Committee is committed to continuing these efforts to maintain preserved land in Hillsborough,” commented Mayor Gloria McCauley.

“Hillsborough has a very successful record of preserving thousands of acres from development.  This is one of the many reasons why Hillsborough is one of the best places to live in the United States, according to the September 2011 issue of Money Magazine,” concluded Mayor Gloria McCauley.


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