2020 Curbside Recycling Inspection Program

The Hillsborough Township Health Department will be conducting inspections of residential curbside recycling containers throughout 2020 to help educate residents on how to recycle properly. Global recycling markets have become increasingly stringent on the quality of material they will accept to recycle into new products. As a result, when residents do not recycle properly, materials are often disposed of in a landfill to avoid the cost of sorting or damaging equipment.  The purpose of these inspections is to determine if residents are correctly placing materials for curbside recycling, which will help ensure that as much material as possible gets recycled and not sent to a landfill. 

Common mistakes people make when recycling include placing plastic bags in recycling containers, non-recyclable items being placed in recycling containers, caps being left on plastic bottles, and cardboard/paper being left out and getting wet in the rain.

If a resident is not recycling properly at the time of an inspection, a letter will be sent to the resident noting what recycling practices need to be changed to ensure as much material gets recycled as possible.