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New Jersey Clean Communities is a statewide litter abatement program created by the passage of the Clean Communities Act. The program is managed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Treasury, and Clean Communities Council. It’s supported by local governments, businesses, community organizations, schools and individuals who work together to keep New Jersey clean.

New Jersey Clean Communities at the local level involves a three-fold attack on litter: cleanup, enforcement, and education. The first step in fighting litter is identifying it. Litter is solid waste that’s out of place. It’s the kind of trash found on highways, lakefronts, parks, and school grounds. Litter takes many forms: paper, plastics, metal cans, cigarette butts, glass, food packaging, tires, and graffiti.

There are seven sources of litter: pedestrians, motorists, overflowing household garbage, construction sites, and uncovered trucks. Litter is often blown by the wind until it is trapped somewhere, as along a fence. People tend to litter when they think someone else will clean up, when an area is already littered, and when they do not feel a sense of ownership or community pride.


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Rich Resavy
Sheila Castellano
Clean Communities Program Managers

Hillsborough's Plan to Be Litter Free

Hillsborough Township’s three-step approach includes:

  1. Litter Pick up and Removal
  2. Enforcement of Litter Abatement Ordinances
  3. Public Education and Outreach

Why you should get involved?

  • Litter and illegal dumping impacts human, animal and environmental health.
  • Litter is unsightly. People who litter show a lack of pride in their community and in themselves.
  • Litter is a health hazard. When litter is allowed to accumulate, it promotes a breeding place for disease-carrying insects and rodents.
  • Litter is hazardous. Broken glass and other sharp objects littering our environment can cause injuries.
  • Litter is a fire hazard. Flammable agents combined with lit cigarettes, tires and wood scraps can spontaneously combust.
  • Litter impacts storm drains; obstructing drainage, waterways and is harmful to wildlife, fish and plant life.
  • Litter is costly to taxpayers. Large amounts of money are spent each year in clean-up costs.
  • Litter interferes with our enjoyment of public places in turn lowering our quality of living and negatively impacting Hillsborough Townships public image.

What can you do to make a difference?

  • Community involvement is essential to curbing litter. We are looking for individuals, school groups, churches, or businesses willing to donate some time to continue to keep Hillsborough Township beautiful.
  • Keep your own property litter-free
  • Encourage officials to provide enough receptacles for pedestrian and motorist littler
  • Get involved with the Hillsborough Township Clean Communities Program
  • Help spread the anti-litter message
  • Adopt-a-Spot or Adopt-a-Road It takes the entire community, including businesses, community organizations, schools and residents to get involved in programs and projects developed to reduce litter.
Why Volunteer?
Litter is everyone’s responsibility. It’s a matter of community pride! For more information or to get involved in any of these programs, contact us at 908-369-3950.

Trash Talk Newsletters

Introducing Hillsborough Township’s Litter Crusader, Kaptain Cleanup, with a message for residents.
"Litter is everyone’s responsibility. Please join me in combating unsightly litter by volunteering for cleanups and helping educate others on the importance of not littering."

You too can be a #litterhero!!

Clean Communities Programs

New Jersey Clean Communities Visual Litter Survey (VLS)

In 2004 New Jersey Clean Communities partnered with Environmental Resources Planning, LLC  to conduct a visual litter survey as a way of studying the amounts and types of litter in the state.  Fourteen years later, the two organizations are conducting a follow-up study with similar methods and locations to see if littering habits have changed.  Hillsborough Township participated in the 2018 Visual Litter Survey on June 21, 2018. The study showed a 53% drop in litter along New Jersey streets and highways.  View the complete  report.

Help keep our roadways and storm drains free of litter and contaminants

What seems like small amounts of litter around your neighborhood can add up to a big problem when it ends up in storm drains and causes pollutants to enter waterways.   Litter and trash clog storm drains which causes flooding, which can lead to damaging homes and businesses. Cigarette butts, paper, cans, bottles, plastic wrappers and bags, and more that litter the side of the road can travel down drainage ditches and wash into nearby rivers and streams, harming drinking water supplies and wildlife.  Help keep our water clean by properly disposing of trash before it becomes litter, keeping lids on garbage cans and recycling containers, picking up neighborhood trash and properly disposing of it and never putting anything in or near the storm drain or drainage ditch. Working together we can protect our environment and keep Boro Clean!


The Swedish fitness craze has reached Hillsborough Township.  “Plogging” which started in Europe is a combination of picking up litter while jogging.  Groups are starting to form and pop up around many cities and towns in the US. The app lifesum allows users to log and track their plogging activities, as well as other activities including nutrition trackers, health education and meal planning.  And, plogging burns about 22% more calories than running alone! If you would like to become a part of this growing trend to not only help the environment but improve your health, grab your running shoes, a trash bag and a pair of gloves and start your own plogging group.

Scoop the Poop Campaign

Please protect our storm drains and waterways. We have been seeing a lot of pet waste litter around town. Please remember to dispose of your pet waste responsibly!!

Did you know that pet waste is a large contributor to Stormwater Pollution, which degrades our water quality? It is estimated that a single gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, which is known to cause cramps, diarrhea, intestinal illness, and serious kidney disorders in humans.

Please clean up after your pet responsibly! Dispose of pet waste in trash receptacles. Do not litter or toss into our Storm Drains!

Kaptain Cleanup reminds you to be a #litterhero and make a difference in your community!

Fall 2020 Virtual Litter Cleanup Event
September 25 -November 13, 2020


Calling all Litter Heroes!  Help Hillsborough Township Clean Communities build a more sustainable planet by being a part of the solution to end litter and illegal dumping! We want YOU to join the movement and make a difference in your community.

Hillsborough Township Clean Communities wants to keep the momentum going by continuing the Virtual Litter Cleanups leading up to the Littercon event on November 14th. We want you to join the movement and get involved with your family!  Whether you can volunteer an hour, several hours or several days of your time, any amount of litter removed from our environment will make a difference.

Cleaning up our communities and outdoor recreation areas is something we all can take pride in. This fun event will provide you with educational insights into current plastic and litter issues we are all facing and will serve as another way to unite our community for a more sustainable future.

The purpose of this event is to perform a virtual litter cleanup and to encourage all of us to take action in helping make Hillsborough a better place to live. If not you, then who?? Let's clean up Hillsborough together!!  Thank you for your interest and in making a difference!! 


 We invite residents to register for this virtual event.  Registration is easy and you can participate as much or as little as you are able to.  Every piece of litter removed from our environment has an impact and is important.  By pledging your support you can help Hillsborough Township Clean Communities reduce the amount of litter in our community.

Click below to register and follow the guidelines listed below to participate in the Fall 2020 Virtual Litter  Cleanup event anytime between September 25th and November 13th.  

Please note on your registration if you would like to pick up a cleanup kit.  Cleanup kits can be picked up at the Department of Public Works located at 21 East Mountain Road.  To make sure your kit is ready for pickup, please email the department at to schedule a time slot for pickup.  

Virtual Litter Cleanup Event Guidelines:

Head out into your neighborhood or anywhere you like to walk, take pictures and collect the litter you see and post your photos on social media with the hashtags #htcclittercleanup #kaptaincleanup #bealitterhero and email your photos to 

Make sure you are adhering to the CDC’s current social distancing guidelines and wear protective clothing and equipment, like gloves, a safety vest or bright colored shirt and a mask if you will be in close contact with someone else.  A list of additional safety tips can be found on our webpage at 

We ask you to please keep a log or keep track of the items you collect by doing one of the following:

  • taking photos and/or logging the item in a notebook or on your phone 
  • Noting the types of litter you are collecting and where you think the litter may be coming from.  
  • When you are finished with the cleanup please send us an email to including the amount of litter collected, such as number of trash bags and approx weight.  If you would like for us to pick up your bags, please let us know the location of the bags along with the amount of bags left for pickup.  The Department of Public Works will pick up the bags as quickly as possible. 

As a Thank You for your pledge and participation in our event, you will receive a reusable bag to help with your reduce, reuse and recycle goals, as well as, service hours for the amount of time spent on the cleanup.  Just contact us at once you have completed your cleanup to report your hours, data and  make arrangements to receive your service hours certificate and bag. 

From everyone at Hillsborough Township Clean Communities, we thank you for your support in making Hillsborough a better place to live.  Let’s be cleaner together!

November 14, 2020 Hillsborough Township's Littercon
(Litter Cleanup Day)

Are you ready for Littercon 2020?

What? Littercon? What is Littercon??

Littercon is a festive community event where people come together (socially distanced) to pick up litter in preparation for the Holidays.

This community event, where volunteers can dress in Santa, Elf, Grinch or other holiday attire costumes and pick up litter around the community is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. Sing carols, spread joy and just throw some litter (in the trash).

Get ready to take on litter, one wrapper at a time and be a #litterhero!!

More details and announcements will be coming soon. But in the meantime, mark your calendar, fill out your waivers and spread the news, Littercon is less than a month away!

Thank you for your interest and in making a difference!!

Additional Program Safety Information:

  • All cleanups must be conducted on Hillsborough Township property or along an approved roadway.
  • Each volunteer is responsible for transportation to and from the designated cleanup site.
  • Volunteers MUST wear long pants and work boots or sneakers, even though it may be warm outside. 
  • You may bring gardening or work gloves if you prefer to use them over the rubber gloves that are provided.
  • Bring plenty of water.  It can get warm and it is important to stay hydrated.
  • All recyclable items must be sorted and put into separate clear bags for recycling.
  • Bags will be provided.
  • A safety session with all participants on the day of the cleanup and go over safety procedures and distribute tools and safety equipment.
  • DO NOT handle or pick up anything that: looks dangerous; looks like hazardous materials; looks unsafe or is an unknown substance.  When such an item is located, take a photo and contact the Hillsborough Township Clean Communities Program Manager OR site coordinator, indicating the location and what was found.
  • Volunteers should use the bathroom prior to the start of the cleanup.  There may not be any facilities close to the clean up site.
  • Volunteers should be on the lookout for insects and animal nests and try to avoid them.
  • If working roadside, BE ALERT to oncoming traffic and have several people monitoring traffic conditions.  Make sure there are cleanup signs to alert the oncoming traffic of the clean up activity.
  • If conditions are not safe, DO NOT perform cleanup and contact the event coordinator and/or Hillsborough Township Clean Communities Program Manager.

Volunteers are encouraged to bring a camera to take photos during the event.  We ask that photos are provided to us for use in our newsletters and website. Your photos may also be used online and in local papers.  Participants must also sign a photo waiver online when registering.

We ask the youth volunteers to write about their experience and/or draw a picture.  All submissions can be sent to the Hillsborough Township Department of Public Works, ATTN: Clean Communities Program Manager, 379 South Branch Road, Hillsborough, NJ 08844, or can be emailed to

We appreciate feedback and may include quotes or written material from participants into our program.Thank you for volunteering for this Clean Communities event to keep our community litter free!!  We hope you have enjoyed the experience and learned about how litter impacts our community. For more cleanup dates, educational material or to perform a cleanup of your own, please contact Hillsborough Township Clean Communities at or check the Hillsborough Township website and e-news letter for upcoming events.

Please spread the word about the impacts of litter on the environment and how we can help our community be a better place to live and work. 

-Kaptain Cleanup

Waiver Form

Volunteers can register for all of the Litter Cleanup Events on EventBrite and on Community Pass. Please download, sign and bring a waivers to the event. Thank you for being a #litterhero!!