April is Donate Life Month

Pictued: Deputy Mayor Doug Tomson, HHS Donate Life Club Co-Presidents Brielle Seidel and Alisa Nualplub seniors Alexandra Novak and Jessica Muth and Co-Vice Presidents Joshua Quick and AJ Vinchur, Denise Roth and Victor Desanto

The Hillsborough Township Committee urges all residents to join in promoting organ and tissue donor education through the National Donate Life Month observance.

Realizing the urgent need for donors around the country, the National Donate Life Month observance was established in 2003, to promote a greater understanding about the life-saving benefits of donation. Established in 2012, National Donate Life Blue and Green Day represents a national effort to support and raise awareness for organ, tissue donation and transplantation.

The New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network (NJ Sharing Network) is committed to addressing that need through enhanced awareness.

People of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and religions are affected by the need for organ transplants; and there are nearly 4,000 New Jersey residents and over 115,000 Americans awaiting life-saving and life-enhancing transplant operations.

Every capable person should support this vital effort by learning more about donating tissue and organs, registering as organ and tissue donors, making their families aware of their wishes, and be willing to give the precious gift of health, sight, and life to people in need.

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