Ann Van Middlesworth Park Improvement Completed

“Hillsborough Township takes great pride in our parks system. We are pleased to share with you the latest improvements to Ann Van Middlesworth Park,”announced Mayor Frank DelCore.

A sidewalk has been added between Woodfield Estates residential development and Ann Van Middlesworth Park. Residents can now safely walk into the park. In addition, the original metal fence has been replaced with a new retention wall and trees have been planted making the area beautifully landscaped. A mulched picnic area overlooks a small stream next to our basketball courts for residents to enjoy.

Additionally, a new aluminum 65-seat bleacher was installed by the basketball courts at Ann Van Middlesworth Park. The new bleacher also includes 4 handicap accessible spots. All spectators can join in supporting the athletes.

“This most recent improvement continues to exemplify our commitment to our residents by further enhancing our park facilities”, concluded Mayor DelCore.

For more information about Hillsborough Township parks system, visit the Parks and Recreation website at

Fwd: New wall  Fwd: New wall

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