Township Exploring Potential Express Weekend Service from Hillsborough Township to New York City

“Hillsborough Township is excited to announce that we are looking to bring express weekend traveler service from Hillsborough to New York City. We are asking residents to participate in an online survey,” announced Mayor Frank DelCore at Tuesday’s Township Committee meeting.

Ridewise is surveying the residents of Hillsborough Township to determine the level of interest in express weekend traveler bus service to New York City. Ridewise is an independent non-profit organization that connects people and businesses to safe and sustainable travel options that enhance quality and create a vibrant economy.

“Express weekend bus service to New York would be extremely beneficial to our residents wishing to travel into the city on the weekend,” added Mayor DelCore.

Individuals interested in such a service are asked to complete the brief survey. The survey also will provide valuable information as to the best time for express service. If there is a favorable response to the survey, a site for the bus service operation will be announced.

Click here to access the short Weekend Bus Service from Hillsborough to NYC survey. You can also visit Ridewise’s website at and click on “Weekend Bus Service from Hillsborough to New York City / Take The Survey”.

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