Township Building Department Hosts an Informational Station

Enhancing the Customer Experience One Screen at a Time

Have you noticed something new at the Building Department?

Committeeman Frank DelCore, Liaison to the Township’s Building Department announced the newest addition to the Building Department; a digital informational display monitor.  “Earlier this year, the Township hosted a Business Summit Roundtable in which open conversations between the business community and Township officials took place.  One of the items discussed was providing more information for residents, contractors and business owners,” commented Committeeman DelCore.

The idea behind the monitor, which is prominently displayed when you approach the Building Department counter is part of the initiative to enhance the customer experience by providing valuable information for visitors as they approach the department.  

There are five targeted areas that the display will focus on.  They are as follows: Technical, Administrative, Informative, Experience, and Community.  More specifically, the Technical aspect provides information relative to the Uniform Construction Code from the State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. Administrative slides focus on information relative to the completion of permits and checklists available to ensure a seamless approach to the permitting process.  The next section is the Informative section, which will highlight overall helpful information for the visitor as it relates to what you may need to know when considering an improvement or a construction project. The last two sections are Experience and Community.  Experience focuses on the introduction of credit card payment for ease of use, evening and Saturday inspections for residents. Community will highlight events and community information as well as photographs/video of Veterans Way, Garden of Honor and the newly created Rain Garden.

“We are pleased to offer this customer experience enhancement in the Township, as we continue to strive for excellence in customer service,” concluded Committeeman DelCore.

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