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Sustainable development means understanding the critical social, economic and environmental conditions necessary to sustain a high quality of life, and ensuring that those conditions are preserved for present and future generations. Since the concept was first adopted by the United Nations, achieving sustainable development has often been acknowledged as one of the greatest imperatives of our time. At the local level, sustainability has been taken up in many communities around the world. In the United States, and in New Jersey, there has been considerably less activity. However, significant efforts have been made by the municipalities of Highland Park, Montclair, and Belmar. Their work has dealt with issues of redevelopment, energy conservation, community development, pedestrian-friendly streets, and an enhanced quality of life.

The project – Sustainable Hillsborough – is the most recent step in Hillsborough’s long-range effort to maintain and enhance its quality of life. It builds upon the steps that Hillsborough has already taken to promote sustainable development and environmental stewardship by adopting a long-term, strategic planning process that sets goals for the future, indicators to track progress, and actions for each goal that are tailored for all of the major community stakeholders in Hillsborough, including municipal government, citizens, businesses, schools, and partner/civic organizations.

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