September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

By proclaiming September 2018 as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we call attention to a disease that affects children across our country, with an estimated 10,270 new cases of cancer being diagnosed each year among children from birth to 14 years.

Brain Cancer is the number 2 type of cancer in children, and is devastating to growth and development in children and devastating to their families and friends.

The Beez Foundation was created in 2002, in honor of Jennifer Giardina, to raise money to support pediatric brain cancer research projects, related support activities for pediatric patients in hospitals, and education regarding the prevalence of pediatric brain cancer.

The Beez Foundation has supported 25 kids with brain cancer to attend sleepaway camp, purchased 500 nights at Ronald McDonald House to give families a place to stay while their children are undergoing cancer treatments, and funded 18 Initial Phase Brain Cancer research projects with 2 advancing to clinical trials.

During this month we also honor those we have lost, show our support for the families and friends of the children who are affected by a diagnosis, and take action to lessen the tragic toll Childhood Cancer takes on families.

The Hillsborough Township Committee recognizes September 2018, as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and calls upon citizens, government agencies, organizations, health care providers, and research institutions to raise Childhood Cancer awareness, and continue helping children live longer, healthier lives.

Beez foundation

Pictured: Committeeman Shawn Lipani, Committeeman Carl Suraci, Committeeman Frank Delcore, and Deputy Mayor Doug Tomson with representatives from The Beez Foundation

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