List/Register Your Business

List/Register Your Business

Why list your business with the Hillsborough Business Association?

The answer is simple!  Marketing, Communication and Community Involvement.

Marketing – When you list your business with the Economic and Business Development Commission, you are entitled to list your business in our exclusive search engine. You can select as many search categories as you think matches your business. And, best of all, it’s totally free. Only businesses and organizations located in Hillsborough are eligible to participate.

Communication – When you list your business, you will receive periodic news and invitations to join and socialize with other Hillsborough businesses and organizations to help promote each other and the Township.

Community Involvement – There’s no better way to become involved with the Hillsborough Twp community!  Our 40,000+ Hillsborough Twp. residents are loyal and they genuinely want your business to thrive in their community.

Overall, it’s a WIN-WIN situation for our local businesses and organizations as well as the Township. If you know of Hillsborough businesses or organizations that haven’t signed up yet, be sure to tell them about this free way to promote their business success. And, be sure to tell your customers to look for your business at

** Click here to register your business with the Hillsborough Business Association today. **

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