The Investigative Division is responsible for conducting more time-consuming, complex and in-depth investigations, including all major crimes occurring within Hillsborough. This includes the processing of crime scenes.

The Investigative Division is commanded by Lt. Mark Besser, who in turn reports to the Operations Commander, Captain Charles Boyle.  The staffing of the Investigative Division is as follows:

Lieutenant 1
Sergeant 1
Corporal 1
Detectives 4
School Resource Officer 1
Evidence Clerk 1
Investigative Division Clerk      1


School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is assigned to Hillsborough High School on a full-time basis during the academic year. The SRO does assist at the other Hillsborough School District facilities as needed.

Additional Administrative Responsibilities of the Investigative Division

Firearms Application Processing

Liquor License Processing

Sex Offender Registration

Processing of Municipal Licenses (carnival, solicitor, gaming, massage)

Review of all Juvenile Matters


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