The Patrol Division is the department’s largest division and accounts for nearly 60% of the total workforce. Officers assigned to the Patrol Division are the most visible aspect of the police department as they are the first to respond to almost every call for service our agency receives.

The Patrol Division is commanded by Lieutenant Michael McMahon, who in turn reports to the Operations Commander, Capt. Charles Boyle. The staffing of the Patrol Division is as follows:

Lieutenant 1
Sergeants 4
Corporals 4
Officers 27
Operations Assistant      1

The Department’s K9 Team is also assigned to the Patrol Division. Our K9 (Marco) is trained in narcotics detection, tracking and patrol response.

Public Information Function  

The Patrol Division Commander serves as the agency’s Public Information Officer. The Hillsborough Police Department employs various methods to push information out to the public.  The primary method utilized is the SWIFT 911 alert system which disseminates information to subscribers via email or cell phone alerts. SWIFT 911 was utilized to alert the public to such things as road closures, emergency notifications, and unusual events.

The department also utilizes press releases and a periodic crime blotter to disseminate non-emergency information.

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