Photo Contributors for 2019 Hillsborough Calendar Recognized

At the September 24th Township Committee Meeting, Mayor Frank DelCore presented certificates of appreciation to individuals who submitted photographs that were used in the 2019 Hillsborough Calendar.

Pictured with Mayor Frank DelCore are Helen Wong and Chandra Hari

Photographers recognized were:
Ron Christy, Kristi Hakim, Chandra Hari, Mark Kijek, Keith Marley, Sue Parisi and Helen Wong.

“We had many photos submitted for the calendar and thank every Township resident that took the time to share their beautiful pictures,” said Mayor Frank DelCore.

Each year, Hillsborough Township works in conjunction with Town Planner Calendar to produce a color printed calendar that is mailed out to every Township residence, at no cost to our taxpayers. The printing of the calendar is funded through the various advertisements contained within the calendar.

The 2020 Calendar is currently being assembled and will be mailed out in December. It will include various schedules, important dates and phone numbers for the coming year as well photographs featuring Hillsborough Township’s landscape and scenery.

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