Olivia Clapcich and Annalise Meyer Honored by Mayor

Pictured: Olivia Clapcich, Mayor Frank Delcore, and Annalise Meyer

Olivia Clapcich and Annalise Meyer are members of Girl Scout Troop 60249 and third graders at Hillsborough Elementary School.

Olivia Clapcich and Annalise Meyer, through their Girl Scout Troop, learned about Safe and Sound, an organization that provides housing, counseling, donated supplies, prevention and awareness to women and children seeking confidential refuge from unsafe living conditions. They then created their own slide show presentation and delivered it to Hillsborough Elementary School requesting a schoolwide collection.

The Hillsborough Township Committee recognizes and extends its sincere appreciation to Olivia Clapcich and Annalise Meyer for having gone out voluntarily to collect donations for Safe and Sound, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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