June Designated LGBT Pride Month

Pictured: Wendy Wagner, Maya Wagner, Mayor Frank DelCore, Debra Blaney and Allison Blaney

The month of June was designated Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall Riots which occurred in June of 1969 and are recognized as the catalyst of the LGBT rights movement. The nation was founded upon a set of principles that include every person has been created equal, that each has rights to their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that each shall be accorded the full recognition and protection of law.

Hillsborough Township is dedicated to fostering acceptance of all its citizens and preventing discrimination or bullying based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Our community is strengthened by and thrives on our rich diversity of ethnic, cultural, racial, gender and sexual identity of all its residents.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recognizes that LGBT teens are at higher risk to be the victims of violence and have increased suicide rates. It is imperative that young people in the community, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, feel valued, safe, empowered, and supported by their peers, educators, and community leaders.

The Mayor and the Hillsborough Township Committee urge all residents to recognize the contributions made by members of the LGBT community and to actively promote the principles of equality and liberty.

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