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   Veterans Information Sheet for Honor Roll Display


The following forms can be filled out and submitted electronically.  Printable versions of these forms are also available below.

Municipal Clerk

OPRA Request

Administrator/Municipal Clerk


Tax Assessor


Printable Forms

The following forms can be printed and submitted via mail, email or in person

Administrator/Municipal Clerk
Municipal Clerk

Hillsborough Grant Affinity Credit Card Program Application
Alarm Registration Form
Alarm Registration Ordinance
Americans with Disabilities Act Policy and Grievance Procedure
Application For Bingo License
Application For Non-Commercial Canvassers Permit
Application For Peddlers License
Application For Raffle License
Carnival License Application
The Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission
Employment Application
Hillsborough Township ADA Policy and Grievance Procedure (Pending Township Committee Approval)
Massage Therapy License Application
Municipal Volunteer Form
OPRA (Open Public Records Act) Request Form
Photo Release Form
Rental Certificate of Registration
Vacant and Abandoned Property Registration
Vote By Mail Application
Voter Registration Form

2019 Wildlife / Deer Management Program Permit Application /Hunting Maps

Building Department

Construction Application Information
Downloadable information associated with applying for a construction permit can be found here.

20% Disproportionate Barrier Free Cost Worksheet
Applicants can use this form to determine the portion of the total construction cost that needs to be allocated to Barrier Free (ADA) work. This form is necessary upon application for any work within an existing commercial structure or space.

Certificates and Name Changes of Commercial Properties

Certificates on Residential Property Resales and Rentals

Certificate of Occupancy Checklist
This is a helpful check-off list for applying for a certificate of occupancy. Make sure all applicable items are included with the application for the certificate.

Change of Use Application
Please review this information if your business is different then the one that last occupied the space you are to move into. A different use is considered a change of use and the construction code has very specific guidelines regarding this. You will likely need a NJ design professional to assist with this information. It is important to review this information before moving into the new space as there may need to be construction work to make the space compliant for your occupancy.

Certification in Lieu of Oath
This will explain the issues of signing page 2 of the F-100 folder document indicating that you are performing the work yourself.

Commercial Permit Checklist

Construction Application Checklist
This is a checklist that is used to identify what is needed when a construction permit is applied for.

Commercial Rooftop Unit (RTU)

Continued Certificate of Occupancy Information
A requirement for any change of occupancy for any non-residential use (ie: commercial use) within Hillsborough Township. This information will help you understand what is needed when applying for a Continued Certificate of Occupancy.

Designers Information

Framing Checklist
This form is used for all residential construction projects. It is required to be completed by the responsible person in charge of the project. The form is a “checklist” of the various items that must be checked and verified during a framing inspection. It must be completed prior to the inspection date and given to the framing inspector upon their arrival at your construction project.

Instructions for filing a construction permit application
This document helps to explain the process and steps necessary for submitting a construction permit application. Please note that this is a State document and addresses and fees within it are for applications and submissions to the State DCA. ALL submissions need to be made to Hillsborough Township.

Minor Work Reference – Residential

Required Inspections Checklist
Use this form to determine and review the required inspections that may be necessary for your specific scope of work.
Residential Pools
Use this information for assistance in the requirements associated with the installation of a pool on your residential property.

Residential Decks
This handout provides you with useful information regarding the installation of a deck. There are specific considerations that need to be documented on the plans in order to confirm code compliance. This handout will help guide you through this process.

Residential Finished Basements  – updated guide coming soon
Sample Guide For Finish Basement Requirements In Existing One and Two-family Dwellings.

Residential Stair Detail Information Handout – updated guide coming soon
This handout is useful for determining what is necessary for a code compliant set of stairs, handrail or guardrail system. Used along with the deck handout, you should be able to submit a complete set of code compliant drawings.

Shed Information – updated guide coming soon
This information will help you determine when a construction permit is required. The zoning department always needs to be involved even if a construction permit is not required.

Tent Permit Information Sheet
This sheet will assist you in determining when a permit is needed for a temporary tent. It also will help to direct you to the correct department to obtain the permit.

Backflow Preventer Cover Letter 

Testable Backflow Device Application
All commercial testable backflow prevention devices are required to be certified yearly per UCC 5:23-2.23(1)4.  This form should be completed and submitted to the Construction Office along with the test results and fee.

Variation Application
Use this form if you need to submit for a variation to the code. This application MUST state the specific code section from which relief is to be sought, the reason for non-compliance to the code, and any supporting information as to how the same intent of the code section for which relief is sought will be met. Please call the Building Department to determine the fee that is required to be paid at the time of application for the variation.

Construction Permit Forms
Find downloadable forms necessary to apply for a construction permit.

Must be completed and submitted when replacing or altering any appliance that is vented into a chimney. This includes fireplace changes.

Combustion Air Calculation Sheet with Instructions
Must be completed and submitted with a Mechanical Subcode Technical when finishing a basement that has fuel-burning appliances.

Building Subcode Technical Application
Be sure to complete this form in full and make 3 additional copies of the completed form. Then drop off at the building department.

Certificate Application Form
This form is used to apply for a Certificate of Occupancy, a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, Lead Abatement Certificate, or when requesting a Continued Certificate of Occupancy certificate. Please be sure to complete this form in full!

Electrical Subcode Technical Application
Be sure to complete this form in full and make 3 additional copies of the completed form. Then drop off at the building department.

Fire Subcode Technical Application
Be sure to complete this form in full and make 3 additional copies of the completed form. Then drop off at the building department.

Mechanical Subcode Technical Application
This form is used for installations of most heating or cooling units in a building. Be sure to completely fill the form out and make 3 additional copies of the completed form. Then drop it off at the building department.

Permit Application Folder
Construction Folder Form F-100: All of the folders forms are needed. This “folder” is what all of the necessary technical application are held in.

Plumbing Subcode Technical Application
Be sure to complete this form in full and make 3 additional copies of the completed form. Then drop off at the building department.

Permit Cost Estimator


Standard Township Engineer Details
Any homeowner performing construction work within Township rights of way must comply with Township Code Chapter 259 and follow the Standard Township Engineer Details.

Fire Safety

Application for Certificate of Smoke Alarm, Carbon Monoxide & Portable Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher Requirements


Instruction For Applying For A Marriage or Civil Union License
New Dog Application – Animal License

Parks and Recreation

Volunteer Application

Planning and Zoning


Concept Review Application
Development Application
Final Plat Application
GIS Ordinance 2004-09
GIS Ordinance 2007-03
W-9 Form

Board of Adjustment

Variance Application
GIS Ordinance 2004-09
GIS Ordinance 2007-03
Undersized Lots Form
W-9 Form

Sign Review Committee

Sign Waiver Guidelines and Application

Zoning Permits

Zoning Permit Application – Residential
Zoning Permit Application – Non-Residential
Impervious Coverage Calculation Form
Zoning Permit Modification Application
Flood Zone Certification Information

Social Services

Senior Citizen Transportation Program
Hillsborough Township provides bus service in the local area from Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., to senior citizens, age 60 and over, without other means of transportation. Transportation is provided to area doctors, senior wellness programs at the municipal building, grocery shopping, etc.
Senior Citizens Wellness Program
The very active Senior Wellness Program offers a variety of activities for each day of the work week. Exercise Class (three levels of fitness), Line Dancing, Flower Arranging, Shopping Trips, Hunterdon Medical Center’s monthly lectures and screenings on a variety of health issues, and the weekly social are all available.

Americans with Disabilities Act Policy and Grievance Procedure

Municipal Volunteer Form

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