Hillsborough Township Launches New Online Tool to Support Local Business Growth

New Online Assistant will Allow Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Investors Access to Critical Market Research and Guidance in One Easy Location

Hillsborough Township is pleased to team with award-winning technology firm Localintel to launch the Hillsborough Business & Investment Assistant that will provide businesses, entrepreneurs and investors with online information and advice in an easy to use format in both English and Spanish.

“The Business & Investment Assistant provides businesses with access to valuable information and highlights the essential concepts required to ask the right questions, use data effectively and make better business decisions,” Mayor Frank DelCore said. “This will be a valuable resource for our business community and will make Hillsborough more attractive to outside companies.”

The Township is a fierce advocate for the local business community, and today’s announcement helps remove barriers to economic success with the launch of this new digital tool.

According to the Township, many businesses experience difficulty when looking for reliable market research and advice online. As part of their mission to support business growth and new investment, Hillsborough Township launched this new tool to make it easier for startups, investors and existing businesses to:

  • Research the Township’s business climate, customers, competitors and workforce
    • Find advice on how to start and grow their business
    • Connect with resources and organizations that can help them succeed

“Last October the HBA website was relaunched showcasing a new Business Support page. The Business Support feature promotes business development to the business community and welcomes prospective businesses to Hillsborough. The Hillsborough Business & Investment Assistant is the newest tool to be added and empowers the business community to utilize important data, typically expensive and hard to find for free,” said EBDC Liaison, Committeeman Shawn Lipani.

Data within the Assistant will be routinely updated by Localintel to ensure users can rely on accurate, current information. “Data is this century’s most valuable resource and the Business & Investment Assistant is a great example of how Hillsborough is harnessing it to strengthen the Townships’s economy and help the business community prosper,” said Dave Parsell, Co-founder and CEO of Localintel.

Visit the Hillsborough Business & Investment Assistant at: http://www.hillsborough-nj.org/home/hba/business-support/

About the Hillsborough Business Association: ​The Hillsborough Business Association (HBA) is a Hillsborough Township Initiative to support local businesses with promotion and development programs. The HBA is administered by the Office of the Business Advocate.

About the Hillsborough Township Business Advocate: ​The mission of the Office of the Business Advocate is to encourage development by attracting, retaining, and assisting businesses to expand and grow in the Township. The Business Advocate is responsible for commercial industry relations, centralized gathering and dissemination of information and regulatory guidelines. This office acts as the catalyst for the Economic and Business Development Commission’s mission.

About the Hillsborough Economic Business Development Commission: ​The Economic and Business Development Commission is comprised of volunteers from the community, appointed by the Township Committee. They are a liaison between the business community and Township officials.

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