Health Alert: Groundhog found at Duke Farms on October 6th tested positive for rabies – Call the Health Department with any questions or concerns

A groundhog that appeared ill and behaving aggressively at Duke Farms on October 6th was picked up by animal control and tested for rabies. This situation was handled immediately by the Duke Farms safety staff and Hillsborough’s contracted animal control officer, St. Hubert’s Giralda.

This animal tested positive for rabies. This is the second groundhog this year that tested positive for rabies in Hillsborough Township. Rabies is present in wildlife and can affect any mammal.

Please do not to approach wildlife, and make sure that all pets are currently vaccinated against rabies. If your pet has contact with a wild animal, please contact the Township Health Department at 908-369-5652, and your veterinarian. Do not handle your pet without gloves for 4 hours after contact to avoid open cut contamination with rabies infected saliva on the coat of the pet. Even if your pet is currently vaccinated against rabies, it will need a booster rabies vaccination if the last was given longer than 3 months prior to the contact.

If you need assistance during a situation, please contact the Hillsborough Police at 908-369-4323 and the animal control officer at 908-526-3330. Please see the Hillsborough website, under health department for more information about rabies:

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