HBA Business Social featuring presentation by leading expert in Memory Development, Matthew Goerke

Pictured: Mayor Frank DelCore and Mathew Goerke

Mayor Frank DelCore welcomed the audience to the HBA Business Social held on June 27th at Royce Brook Golf Club. The social networking event was hosted by the Hillsborough Economic & Business Development Commission and the Somerset County Business Partnership and featured an informative presentation titled “Discovering Your Memory Power” given by one of America’s leading experts in the field of Memory Development, Matthew Goerke.

All of our professions demand remembering a wealth of knowledge including client information, market data, presentations and most importantly, names. Matthew Goerke has shared with many business professionals techniques for developing an instant recall memory with amazing results. “There’s no such thing as a bad memory. Only a trained or untrained memory” expressed Mathew Goerke.

“Events such as this do not just happen – thank you to the Hillsborough Business Association and our Economic Development Commission for their hard work and continued dedication,” said Mayor Frank DelCore.

In addition to Mayor DelCore, in attendance were Township Officials, representatives from the Economic and Business Development Commission and the Somerset County Business Partnership, along with members of local businesses. Attendees exchanged business cards and built new connections while enjoying a delicious chef’s choice buffet provided by Royce Brook Golf Club.

“This was a perfect opportunity for the local businesses to network with each other and grasp beneficial techniques to harness our memory power to benefit ourselves personally, professionally, and create business goals ” stated Mayor Frank DelCore.

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