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Environmental Leadership: “From Land to Sea” video produced by Girl Scout Troop 60367 and presented at the 2014 Hillsborough Township Green Living and Wellness Fair
This video was created by Girl Scout Troop 60367 of Hillsborough Township to show the importance of respecting the earth’s resources, especially farm crops and seafood. The food today from everyday crops, fields, and oceans aren’t as natural as people believe them to be. Pesticides, food waste, bycatch, overfishing, runoff, and off the chart mercury levels are affecting plants, seafood, and the human race worldwide. The intention of this video is to inform people in the community that we need to change our ways now, or fish and fertile land will be gone before we can try to stop it. Our actions will never be forgiven. We have to ask this question to ourselves, “Is having a spotless green lawn, or a surplus of unneeded fish and crops really worth sacrificing marine life, vegetation, and fertile land that can never be redeemed?”

Troop members:
Julianna Ciccotelli
Mara Murphy
Haylee Sheldon

Lisa Murphy
Mindy Sheldon

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Recycling – buckets and information are located within our department.  The Health Dept. distributes recycling buckets free-of-charge.  Additional buckets may be obtained for your residence at a cost of $10/per bucket.

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