Municipal Court

Court Procedure

When you arrive for court, simply proceed through security and enter the court room.  The court calendar only lists matters that require a court appearance.  If you do not see your name listed, proceed into the courtroom.  Your name will be called in alphabetical order by the Judge at the scheduled time of your appearance.  You will have the opportunity to speak with the Prosecutor on most matters.

When entering the court room, please keep in mind that all proceedings are being recorded.  Therefore, cell phones need to be silenced and there is no talking inside the court room.

The Judge will give an opening statement explaining defendants’ right,  court procedures, and an outline of penalties.

There is no need to arrive earlier than your scheduled time.  However, punctuality is key.  So if you are a few minutes late and do not hear your name, please be patient and we will get to you when there is a break in proceedings.

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