Cultural & Arts Commission

Art & Photo Exhibit

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2016 Art & Photography Exhibit!

We had over 300 works of art and it was an outstanding show.
We hope you will join us again next year!

Visit the Photo Gallery for images from the Exhibit & Reception.
Photographs by Jim Roselli. Thank you Jim!

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Contact: Danielle Austen, Exhibit Chair


Congratulations to the “2016 Art & Photography Exhibit” Winners!


Adult Fine Art

First – Daniel Folta, Great Shark

Second – Lou Santore, Blue Frog

Third – Cathy Chen, Clarinet

HM – Andrea Gianchigilia, Portrait of a Cat

HM – Vimala Arunachalam, Arch

HM – Ariel Lleva, Ugolino & His Sons

HM – Elizabeth Levering, Spider Plant


Student Fine Art

First – Amanda Soliman, Graphite Still Life

Second – Anastasia Liu, Apparition

Third – Sujean Gahng, Cube Frog

HM – Carrie Zhang, Twilight

HM – Abagail Pedroso, Sunflower with Raindrops

HM – Puloma Sen, Olena

HM – Nick Plakotaris, Banger


Independent Student Fine Art

First – Abbie Rugg, Check Mate (Black & White)

Second – Annie Wu, Citadel

Third – Iris Liu, Bailey

HM – Ben Chen, Bronze Bell

HM – Echo Chen, Pitcher

HM – Marjorie Calapatia, Origami

HM – Shruti Prasanth, Clown Fish


 Adult Photo

First – Courtney Coleman, Raindrops on Rose

Second – Gary Wiesner, City Inside

Third – Rafal Goraczniak, Layers

HM – Wayne Domkowski, The Amazing Sean Tucker

HM – Johnny Perna, Bug on the Water

HM – Valerie Chaucer-Levine, Concrete Reef

HM – Ken Snyder, Hoverfly


Student Photo

First – Sabrina Olivieri, Outside Looking In

Second – Bianca Pardo, Captured

Third – Sam Benadon, Window into the Soul

HM – Martina Cruz, The Mind of an Artist

HM – Anisa Douglas, A Father’s Legacy

HM – Jenna Ferreira, Nana Pat

HM – Isabella DeAnglis, Growth

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