Meeting / Municipal Dates To Remember

Hillsborough Township Committee meetings are generally held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 7:30 pm, unless otherwise noted.  

All Meetings are held in the Municipal Building unless otherwise noted.

MeetingDate TimeException
Board of Adjustment9/5/20187:30 PM
Planning Board9/6/20187:30 PMCanceled
Township Committee Meeting9/11/20188:30 PM*
Planning Board9/13/20187:30 PMCanceled
Township Committee Meeting9/25/20187:30 PM
Planning Board Business Meeting9/27/20187:30 PMCanceled
Board of Adjustment10/3/20187:30 PM
Planning Board10/4/20187:30 PM
Township Committee Meeting10/9/20187:30 PM
Planning Board10/11/20187:30 PM
Township Committee Meeting10/23/20187:30 PM
Planning Board Business Meeting10/25/20187:30 PM
Planning Board11/1/20187:30 PM
Board of Adjustment11/7/20187:30 PM
Planning Board11/8/20187:30 PM
Township Committee Meeting11/20/20187:30 PM
Board of Adjustment12/5/20187:30 PM
Planning Board12/6/20187:30 PM
Township Committee Meeting12/11/20187:30 PM
Planning Board12/13/20187:30 PM
Township Committee Meeting12/18/20187:30 PM

For a full list of meeting dates for all boards and commissions, click here

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